The Author

The Author

About the Blog Author:

I am a mom who loves to write and who loves to promote the things and people I love.   Every time I venture outside of my state, I always search for those Local things that people do and so I thought it would be great to show the world that Iowa is not just corn fields and hog farms.  I live in a small rural town of 1500 with my husband, my son, and our 4 pets (two dogs, a cat, and a rabbit).   I come from the slightly larger city of Cedar Rapids (about 130,000 people) where I grew up and lived until I met my Husband, Andrew.


About Iowa:

There’s a lot more to Iowa than meets the eye.  We’ve been in public view for some great things like Ragbrai and for some not so great things like the floods of 2008.  But nonetheless, Iowans are a stoic sort and we like to keep the secrets of our rolling hills, beautiful landscapes, and secret hideaways that only us Iowans know about.  Other than our wonderful people, Iowa’s bounty is not only plentiful in produce and livestock, but in activity and history.  I hope to share some of the wonderful things that we are so proud of here in Iowa in this blog.  And I hope that the next time you pass through, you stop at one of them and say hello.  


Visit Marcy’s other blogs, Eat Local Iowa and her family blog, From an Acorn Small.

See beautiful Iowa Scenery Here


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